Save Energy at Home

[ad_1] How to save money and combat climate change in the same time? By saving energy! Global climate change earthquakes Earth's balance and the way millions of people are living. Human energy consumption is responsible for a large part of … Read More

Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden!

[ad_1] Nothing can beat the fresh taste of a meal prepared with fresh herbs and vegetables. Even the veggies bought at the farmer’s market cannot compare to the taste and freshness of those picked just before use. Kitchen gardens are … Read More

Solar Panels – Grants

[ad_1] One of the most popular and growing green technologies is solar. It is a reliably unobtrusive and very low maintenance. This makes it attractive to both home owners and businesses. If you are thinking of going down the route … Read More

Growing Thyme

[ad_1] Thyme – the health-giving herb In ancient times, Thyme was known as a health and life-giving herb. It was used medicinally for such broadly differenting ailments as tonsillitis, asthma, gout, and headaches and it was considered one of the … Read More

Practical Tips On Saving Money

[ad_1] We can come up with dozens and dozens of reasons to save money. However, there are three major reasons that we should be saving. We need to save for emergencies, for major purchases (home, car, or other large-ticket item), … Read More

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