Addis Set of 3 Recycling 40ltr Waste Utility Bins

Complete everyday recycling solution for home, office or catering utility areas
Set of 3 Recycling 40 litre bins with 3 Colour coded lids, Red, Green and Blue
Integrated interlocking clips to link 1-2-3 bins into a single recycling solution… Read More

Navaris Recycling Bags Set – 3 Recycle Bag Organisers to Separate Paper, Glass and Plastic – Made of Strong Sturdy Fabric for Home, Office, Kitchen

MAKES RECYCLING EASY: Keep your paper, glass and plastic recyclables organised with the Navaris recycling bags. Three labelled, different-coloured bags keep everything neat and tidy until recycling day.
WHERE TO USE: These are ideal recycling bags for the home, kitchen, or garage. Robust handles make them easy to transport outside when it’s time to empty your recycling, saving you unnecessary trips outside.
SNAP TOGETHER: The three recycling bags can be snapped together so they stay neatly standing in a row, whether on a shelf or under the sink. Use each bag alone or as a grouping, with different colours and labels to see contents at a glance.… Read More

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