How to Save Money on Your Wedding


Here are my tips on saving money when planning your wedding:

1. Reduce Your Guest List

When putting together your Guest List remind yourself that each time you add a name to your invitation list that you are increasing the cost of your wedding.

* Do not invite anyone you have not talked to in over five years, as they probably will not mind or expect to be invited

* Do not feel obliged to allow single people bring a date especially if they are friends with your other friends and will have plenty of people to socialize with.

* Do not feel pressured to invite all of your work collections as inviting one generally means inviting them all

* Do not let your friends bring their children and explain that it is an adult event

2. Buy a cheaper dress

If you wear a UK size 6, 8, or 10, check out sample sales, which you can find out about on the web. It's a great opportunity to get a designer dress at rock-bottom prices. You can also look on eBay for a second hand dress or even a local seamstress if you are after a simple design that does not involve too much work. Alternately, rent a dress from a bridal store.

3. Change the Day of the Week

Weekend days are the most popular for weddings, and therefore the demand drives up the price. If you have your wedding on a weeknight or a Sunday there is less demand so the price will often be lower.

4. Reduce Your Food and Drink Costs

Food and drink costs will be the most expensive part of your wedding. To reduce costs, ask your caterer which are the least expensive entrees and whether a buffet is cheaper than a separated dinner. See if they'll let you provide your own liquor, or if you can serve only wine and beer which will be cheaper than a full bar. Consider only having an open bar for the first part of the reception and having your guests purchase drinks from then on.

5. Shop on eBay

eBay is a great source for everything from second-hand dresses to wedding favors, cake toppers, ring pillows and more. Ensure you plan ahead and purchase well in advance to ensure your goods arrive on time and to avoid stress.

6. Buy Cheaper Wedding Invitations

There are a variety of cheaper wedding invitations available either on the internet or from your local printer. Avoid fancy details such as engraving and embossing – your guests will probably not know the difference. Stationery stores now sell printed paper meant to use in a home printer so that you can produce your own wedding invitations.

Source by Byron D Thomas

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