Piggy Banks – Saving it All Up Through Promotions

With the financial trouble people having been, people are now becoming conscious of spending and giving more emphasis on saving. There have been a lot of saving techniques that were formulated, but nothing beats the most basic saving method that we practiced even in our childhood, which are Piggy Banks. This may sound stupid to some, but this unquestionably still works regardless if you are way past your childhood years. With this economic condition, advertisers have also found a way in promoting their products, and that is with the use of Piggy Banks.

Types of Piggy Banks Available

Here are some types of containers that you can use for your promotions.

  • Ceramic. This is the most traditional type of Piggy Banks. These items are made of ceramic, which makes them breakable. This is designed as it is, so that in case you would want to retrieve the contents or savings you have you can easily break it.
  • Porcelain. Similar to ceramic, this is also a breakable material. But this is more expensive, so some are designed to have rubber plugs at the bottom. In this way, you would just need to remove the rubber plug rather than smashing the container into pieces when you want to retrieve the contents.
  • Vinyl. This type of container is a plastic material made of vinyl polymer. If porcelains have rubber plugs, a vinyl piggy bank typically has removable noses for retrieval of its contents.
  • Installed with electronic systems. This is quite a high technology type, it has a built-in electronic system that has the ability to measure or count the amount that you have saved inside.

Associating Piggy Banks with Advertising

The use of Piggy Banks for promotion is considered as one of the unique approaches to advertising and has proven to be effective. People tend to check on things that are out of the ordinary, especially those that are not usually seen in the promotional bandwagon. They come in various sizes, so that you can choose from which you think would be an ample space for you to print your logo on.

Giving away Piggy Banks also sends out a positive message to customers that you value the principle of saving for the rainy days. If you want to opt for the traditional look, then you can go for the ceramic ones, but if you want your promotional item to last longer, choosing Piggy Banks made of plastic material would be a better idea.

Source by Matthew Zande

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