Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden!


Nothing can beat the fresh taste of a meal prepared with fresh herbs and vegetables. Even the veggies bought at the farmer’s market cannot compare to the taste and freshness of those picked just before use. Kitchen gardens are a great way to make sure you always have a steady supply of fresh herbs and tasty veggies at your fingertips. The best thing is that you can grow your own kitchen garden in very little space. Even if you live in a small apartment with little or no yard space available, you can start a kitchen garden.

NASA has been testing aeroponic technology with much success. The process makes it possible to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables inside, all year round, without soil. Water, nutrients and air are used, along with artificial lighting to grow your favorite plants and veggies inside. You have probably seen tv commercials for counter top versions to grow herbs, lettuce, and even cherry tomatoes. Using method of growing is a great way to keep a steady, year round supply of fresh herbs and veggies right at your fingertips.

The original kitchen gardens were grown on a patio, or in small spaces in the back yard. Usually placed within a few feet of the back door, it was convenient to step outside and pick the needed herbs for preparing a favorite dish or meal. If you have the space, a back yard garden will produce fantastic veggies during the growing season. With a big enough harvest, you may want to can, or freeze plenty of produce to enjoy during the cold winter months.

Some popular herbs to consider growing are basil, chives,oregano, parsley and sage, Veggies can include green onions, lettuce, radishes and, of course, tomatoes. If you have room in your outdoor garden, some great tasting sweet corn green beans and zucchini are nice additions.

Whether you want to start your own kitchen garden outdoors, or are limited to an indoor version, you can enjoy the fresh taste of herbs and vegetables that you grow yourself! Just think of how nice it will be not to worry about the next salmonella scare from tainted veggies! When you start a kitchen garden, and grow your own vegetables, you can be sure that the family is eating the healthiest veggies available. And the taste? Until you bite into a juicy, home grown tomato you will never understand! Better plant plenty!

Source by Steve Kettle

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