Herb Garden – Three Main Benefits of Growing Your Own Herb Garden

Herb gardens are beautiful and beneficial.

What do I mean by this statement?

Well for starters, growing a herb garden is a great and fun-filled hobby that serves you in three ways, mainly:

1. It has it's health benefits

2. Then there's the culinary and medicinal benefit

3. And last but not least, the ornamental benefits – simply put, just a thing of beauty!

Herbs can be grown indoors in pots or outdoors in a small plot for personal use or some people grow it in large quantities for commercial uses, they are most commonly used for everyday cooking or as medicine.

They also add beauty to our homes with their flowers and are very spotted. An assortment of herbs are used in their fresh stages or when dried. They add a little zing to our meals while others are served as accompaniments to salads.

Almost all herbs can be grown from seeds. However, some herbs, such as rosemary, mint and oregano do better as transplants or when proliferated by cuttings.

Growing herb garden from the seed fashions an inner bliss for the owner, considering it develops from seed to plant, its birth to death respectively.

However, if growing from seed it is important to know that herbs have fibrous roots and need not be planted too deep, the smaller the seed the shallower it needs to be.

Aeration is the key for the herb to grow well; using loose well drained soil, plant the seed in a pot or container in the late winter season, with enough light and water.

At the start of spring the herbs can be transferred to the outdoor gardens. Transplants can be purchased from any local market.

This article provides you with information when starting an herb garden at home; there is lots of information needed when starting but always bear in mind that the end result is a striking backyard herb patch or an arrangement of aromatic plants adding flavor to your meals, adding color and fragrance to your home.

The experience is definitely heartwarming, meaningful and it can be the start of a new leisure pursuit.

Source by Dustin Baker Jr.

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