Organic Vitamins and Herbs of Your Own

Organic vitamins and herbs are being chosen by many people who are concerned about their health. Organic herbs and vitamins are those that are grown without the use of chemicals, either pesticides or non-organic fertilizers. Since they are purely organic and natural, they do not have any harmful side effects associated with toxic and chemical substances. The best thing is that you can grow your own organic vitamins and herbs, not relying on supermarkets.

Perhaps you are wondering if organic vitamins and herbs are really so important. When you grow organic foods in your garden, you can partake of their bounty without washing the food. For example, if you want to taste your onion plant, you can break off a stem and take a bite! There is no need to wash off harmful chemicals first!

Also, when you are growing these plants, you do not have to wear gloves when handling chemicals, because there are no dangerous chemicals involved with organic growing! There are more vitamins in those foods grown organically, and many feel that they taste better. What's more – you help protect the environment when you do not use those harmful toxic chemicals.

There are many reasons to enter the world of organic vitamin and herb gardening. There are many physical and emotional rewards around growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs: you get excellent physical exercise and also reap the psychological benefit of seeing fruit of your labor.

One more reason for organic vitamin and herb gardening is its low cost. Organic foods in the grocery store are expensive and can take a considerable part of your budget. Also, because organic foods are not treated with the harmful chemicals that you are trying to avoid, they do not ship as nicely as non-organic food. This is why the organic food looks less appetizing than the chemically grown. When you grow it yourself, you can eat healthy organic vitamins and herbs that never need to see the inside of a shipping container. There is far less cost involved as well.

Organic gardening is not as hard as you probably think. It is just little different than traditional gardening. The main characteristic of organic gardening is that it uses no pesticides and chemical fertilizer. For example, if you find your organic vitamin and herb plants are infected with a pest, instead of spraying them with chemicals, you introduce another bug that eats the pest, such as ladybugs to eat aphids. There are other organic methods for pest control and fertilizing, too. The result is a healthy product you can be proud of and confident to feed to your family.

Source by John Wishley

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