Energy Saving Tips in The Home

For years global warming has been a major issue and to help stop global warming many people have been trying to cut down on their carbon admissions. In order to reduce your carbon footprint you must cut down on your energy consumption. The home is where most people consume the most energy because we need all types of energy to power our appliances. If you are looking for ways to save energy, then you should take a look at what areas of the home can you limit power consumption.

Heating in Your House

Many people have homes with a central heating system combined with a water boiler. Many of us are not maximizing this energy system's full potential and as a result we are wasting energy and money. The main thing we can do to utilize this system is better is install better insulation. If your house as inadequate insulation, then you are losing an awful amount of heat so not only will your house take longer to warm up, but it will also cost you more money.

Washers and Tumble Dryers

Almost all washing machines and tumble dryers are energy hogs and considering detergents are not eco-friendly washing day is a nightmare. If you do a clothing wash a few times a week, then you can be doing a lot to help save the environment.

There are many ways that you can reduce your carbon output, when it comes to laundry day. If you need to dry your clothing, then try to use a clothesline whenever possible. The only power you use on a clothesline comes from the sun. There is no carbon output or energy consumption, but the problem is that the weather will not always allow as to use a clothesline. If you need to use a tumble dryer, then you can use less energy by putting it through the cycle for less time. If you keep your clothing damp, you can let it sit for a little while and let the air dry your clothing. If you want to purchase a tumble dryer, then you can look into sensor tumble dryers that will automatically shut off when the moisture in the drum reaches a certain level. If you purchase a sensor dryer, then you run no risk of running your clothing too long, and you will be saving energy, money, and your cloths will last longer.

When you are washing your clothes, there is no need to wash your cloths with a lot of detergent. You can use eco balls which clean your cloths with no or very little chemicals. These balls ionize oxygen and activate the water molecules and so the water can penetrate into your clothing fibers and remove dirt. If you can use these eco balls you will save money on detergent because you will need much less per wash load.

In The Home

The main cause of energy consumption in the home is the energy that appliances use. Even if an appliance is on standby it will be using energy and if you have multiple appliances, then the energy cost will add up. Keep an appliance plugged in is more convenient but it is really worth the energy consumption. It will save you a lot of energy and money if you just unplug your appliances and plug them in when you need them. The standby button is helpful but still not as good as turning off the appliance all together.

There are many things you can do to cut down on power consumption other than the ones listed here but these are a good place to start. Maybe some of these can be inconvenient but if you are saving the planet and money at the end of the month, then why not give it a try.

Source by Samantha McAllister

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