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The fireplaces of today are not like our forefathers of even 20 years ago. Modern fireplace design has in recent years taken a huge leap forward to incorporate aesthetics and world class design that provide home owners and interior designers with a new home centerpiece.

The elements of the fireplace are still there, but the designs are rapidly changing to incorporate style, a sense of presence, and focal point that is not just a warm spot in the room but one that attracts the eye.

Take for example an Italian design named the Antrax Bubble. Either suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall, this fireplace has been designed to not only catch the eye but also to fit in tight spaces.

Other great designs and that have recently come on the market are corner fireplaces. Never before has the use of space been so wisely used in our opinion. Where dead space in a wall was custom in room design, it is now being put to use by incorporating a gas fed fireplace. There are several designs on the market and can be retrofitted to your house. All you need is a nice cozy corner and a good fireplace installation company.

Economy of size looks to be the focus of fireplaces being designed today. There are a huge range of new fireplaces coming onto the market that not only incorporated good design features but are functional, low aspect heat sources for just about any room.

Take for example a wall mounted model. Designed to be flush with the wall and burn either wood or gas, it is simple, elegant and can provide more entertainment on a Saturday night than TV. Originally these designs started to emerge in Europe but have since become very popular in the US and other parts of the world. One of the great features of these types of fireplaces is that even if a fire is not burning, it still looks good. It's the type of fireplace that attracts attention when you want it to and blends into the surroundings when you do not have it on. A top choice in our opinion.

Do not forget that fireplaces originated for an outdoor source of heat before making their way indoors. Recently there has been an interest and upsurge in the design, manufacture and purchases of Outdoor Fireplaces. Although you might think of an outdoor fireplace as a circle of rocks and something you do when you go camping, outdoor fireplaces today are much cooler.

Either gas, wood or a combination, the coolest outdoor fireplace designs incorporate and embrace mobility. Not only is this a good thing from a storage point of view but also from a usability angle as well. In our opinion, everyone should have one of these.

Source by Scott Callender

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