How to Get Off the Utility Grid with Home Energy?


The cost of energy is at levels that are at all time highs. It is hard to make ends meet as it is without the extra costs of energy. Energy for heating and cooling homes, plus the energy for vehicles. You may, like many others choose to live without these high cost energy sources and live simply. You might want to learn how to get off the utility grid. I also learned to build my own wind mill DIY cheaply using a guide that I will share more about with you.

You may think you are unable to do this or that that would be too hard to do. You may say that you just may want to leave everything like it is and just deal with it. But, that would be a huge mistake. You would still end up paying high cost energy bills like you have done so for years. What can you do to make things easier?

The very first thing you would need to do to get off the grid is to find a piece of land that is not located on the grid itself. There is land for sale all the time that is in remote areas. There are many land owners who want to get rid of extra property just to make ends meet themselves. Many are selling this land at very cheap prices, some that you may be able to afford.

If you do this, you are going to need a new home. What you must do then is build your home yourself. This has been done for families for hundreds of years and they all have lived in relative comfort. Being that these are modern times, building your home yourself will be very comfortable indeed. You can used straw to insulate your home or use materials that take advantage of high R values. You may even want to consider facing your home to the south to take advantage of the sun in the winter.

To heat the home in the winter, you can build your home with a large fireplace that is in the center of the home. That will give your home access to as much fireplace heat as possible. In addition, you will want to make use of renewable energy sources like the sun. You can put up solar panels to help heat your home, light your home, and heat your water.

And, no home is complete without a water source. You will have all the water you need if you dig a well. The best way to get the water out of the well without paying for electricity is to get a solar powered pump. If you do not do this then you will have to get it out like they have done for thousands of years, and that is with a bucket.

You can cook with a wood stove. Just make sure that you ventilate it for outside. Make sure when you cut wood to cook and to heat the home you cut a lot of it. And, that is going to mean that you do this early enough in the year so that it will have time to dry for winter.

This is how you can get off the utility grid. It may seem a little out of sorts in the beginning. But, after time it will be well worth it. I have personally managed to build my own home DIY wind mill system simply following a DIY guide online.

Source by Gary Ashby

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