How To Save Energy At Home

With prices of fuel going up and global warming within our mid, it's really high time that we take the extra effort in conserving energy at home. Our world will be a truly great place to live in if we only do our share in preserving our environment. We've all heard and read about the adverse effects of global warming so now, it's time to walk the talk and it's never late to do it.

Saving energy at home is a simple thing to do. It's just the attitude that counts. In other words, consistency in what we do is vital. If we remember to do it every day and let other family members do their share, then lots of savings can be really achieved.

Turn off all lights and electrical appliances when not in use. If possible, unplug the appliances as they continue to consume energy even when turned off but still plugged in the outlet. You can also plug them into a power strip and then switch the strip off when you're done.

As for lights, use the fluorescent bulb with low wattage instead of the incandescent type. In fact, if every home in the US could swap even just a single incandescent bulb for a fluorescent one, the amount of energy saved would be sufficient to provide power to 2.5 million homes.

Avoid opening the refrigerator for a long time. Open it only when you want to get something from there instead of opening it and then taking some time to decide what food to get.

Take a short shower. Keep in mind that heating water requires energy. Otherwise, you can install energy-efficient showerheads that utilize less hot water while still letting you enjoy a good shower.

Use your windows wisely. If you have large windows, you can open up your curtains during winter to let a lot of sunshine into your home. At night, close all coverings to retain the heat indoors. This will surely let you save energy instead of using the heater.

Always close the door. When your heating system is turned on, close your doors quickly when going in and out of your home to prevent heat from escaping. Make sure also that the fireplace damper is closed so that heat does not escape to the chimney.

Cleaning and replacing filters of your heating system on a regular basis is also a good way of saving energy. And not only that because it will likewise enhance air flow, promote energy and let you save money.

When washing clothes, set a schedule such as once or twice a week. Wash full loads and use cold water if possible. In drying your clothes, dry them on the clothesline outside if the weather is good. Check that the dryer lint filter is clean to improve airflow and save energy. You do not even need to use the dryer during the spring and summer seasons. Did you know that by line drying your clothes, you can save up to $ 75 each year. Meanwhile, if you're planning to buy a new washing one, choose one with a front loader which uses 25 percent less energy.

There are many other ways you can do to promote energy efficiency in your home. You just have to do them every day to gain the benefits.

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