Lighting For the Home – Floor Lamps Do the Job

If you've been thinking about brightening up your life, then why not do exactly that, and get some better lighting into your home. It's really amazing what can be achieved on a small budget with a bit of imagination and some good research.

OK, if you want to improve the lighting in your home, then take a look around you. What aspects of your room do you feel could do with brightening up? Are there any features you might like to accentuate, or even draw attention away from? Is not there enough light, or is there too much ?

With these questions in mind you can begin to start thinking about a lighting plan for your home. One great way to light a home these days is to do away with the central ceiling light altar, and instead use individual floor lamps to light different parts of your living space. This creates a much more intimate feeling between you and your surroundings. You should also keep in mind what kind of bulbs you are using – make sure you are using 'warm' fluorescent bulbs, as these are more akin to natural sunlight. A good angle lamp is great for reading or curling up on the settee under, while an arc floor lamp can be a really great centerpiece to a room.

As for accentuating certain design features of a room, this is best achieved using a combination of spotlights and torchi lamps. Spotlights are excellent for highlighting features such as rafters or bookcases, and can be fitted with filters to create a warmer more diffuse glow. Torchiere lamps – that is floor lamps which cast their light upwards – are perfect for lighting pictures or allowing the room to be lit by reflected light only so as to create a cozy atmosphere.

Hopefully you will have found these tips useful in thinking about how to light your home.

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