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DIY HouseHold Hacks: 155 Hacks and Strategies: Clean Your Home Like a Pro: Your Guide On How To Save Massive Time… Price: £1.99 (as of 23/10/2021 07:48 PST- Details)

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Clean Your Home Like a Pro! Learn How To Save Your Time, Energy and Money, Stop Using Expensive & Toxic Shop Cleaners! – 155 great hacks and strategies + 41 effective recipes!

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What prompted me to go all natural and make my own recipes, is the fact that commercial products these days are not only expensive, but also laden with so many chemicals. They end up doing more harm than good. It was; therefore, imperative to make skin and pet friendly cleaning products at home, to safeguard my family’s health, while saving massive money and time simultaneously.

This book is full of proven hacks and interesting ideas that will cut short the time you spend cleaning your house; time that you can spend with family and friends.

Not only will the recipes and hacks help you save on money and energy, they also give you the satisfaction of having done your bit for the conservation of the environment. You will be surprised how many effective, cheap and harmless cleaning products you already own in your household!

In This Book You Will Find:

-Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks
-Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
-Living room/Hall Cleaning Hacks
-Bedroom Cleaning Hacks
-DIY for your Garden
-Shopping List/Index
-LOTS of tricks, tips & great and easy recipes!

All the hacks and recipes mentioned in the book have been personally tested and the results have always been great!

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