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One of the most popular and growing green technologies is solar. It is a reliably unobtrusive and very low maintenance. This makes it attractive to both home owners and businesses. If you are thinking of going down the route of solar you need to know what is involved and more importantly what grants you can get.

Micro-generation or small scale power generation is becoming more popular. It is being pushed by many governments because it is easy to implement. There are already many existing technologies in place and it is a relatively easy and low cost option for governments to meet their carbon reduction targets.

Up to half of all the energy demand in the UK is from domestic consumers. We currently get most of our energy from gas and coal fired power stations. Coal and gas are energy rich fossil fuels and while they are great for providing us with electricity they also release a lot of carbon into the atmosphere.

Whilst carbon rich fuels are finite, energy that we get from renewable sources will last us forever. They also have the benefit of not producing any carbon when they produce energy for us. This is why the government is providing solar panel grants to encourage home owners to produce their own electricity.

In the UK there used to be grants that you could claim to help pay towards the cost of installing solar panels and other types of renewable technology. This was recently changed to a grant that is paid out over the long term. For us that actually works out better because we get paid for continuing to generate green electricity. This equates to a much larger sum over the longer term rather than a small sum up front.

The reason for this switch was to encourage people who are going to get the most out of these green technologies to use them rather than just blank UK coverage. This means that a person with solar panels installed in Cornwall is going to get paid more than someone with the same panels in the Shetland Islands. This is because someone further South is going to produce more electricity and therefore make a larger impact in reducing carbon emissions. It is basically more effective in reaching government targets.

There are essentially two types of solar grant available to you. One if the feed in tariff and the other is the export tariff. You can claim both of these which are now the grants that have replaced the single payments. You can claim the feed in tariff for 25 years while the export tariff can be claimed for as long as you export your electricity back to the grid.

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