Milking Your Creative Mind – The Most Creative Things to Do With Empty Milk Cans


Milk is one of the most important liquids for the human race. Not only is it probably an infant's biggest lifetime, it can also work for adults especially those who are conscious of their health like athletes and gym buffs. It is an exceptionally healthy drink that they use to strengthen their bodies, in particular their bones.

But milk is notoriously easy to contaminate and spoils relatively easily. That is why we go to great lengths to preserve the freshness and quality of the milk we drink. This has led to the creation of real tough containers. The more popular one would be the immortal milk carton. But a tougher and harder model exists in the ever reliable milk can!

But milk lovers are faced with a dilemma. What do you do when the milk runs out and you're left with a lot of useless cans? Do you throw them away? With the climate the way it is right now, it would not be the best idea. Here are a few alternatives though when you really want to help clean up the world ad want to start with your milk cans:

– As containers: The most obvious alternative use for the milk can was definitely be a container for other things. Pencils, pens and erasers would love you and would probably sing your praises if they could only talk. Plus it makes life a whole lot easier especially if you're someone who lives a creative lifestyle.
– As a piggy bank: If you want to help a little around the house and have some spare change to help you in those penniless weeks, then by all means a piggy bank is the answer to all your problems. Cutting a wide enough slit in an empty milk can can be the start of your little fortune!
– As a container for plants: If you really, really want to help the environment then this is definitely the way to go. As a bonus you get to have a house that's a whole lot more pretty to look at because of those blooms you'll have. Just be sure to decorate your cans to match the prettiness of their occupants!

Source by Otto Kreistler

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