Time-Saving Household Items That Make Learning Fun for Your Child


Parents, do you struggle with finding enough time to spend with your child? Well, you are not alone! With the increased demands of work and life, many parents find it difficult to spend the required amount of time needed to help their child improve in school. Here are a few household items that can be used to help your child learn and save you time:

Measuring Cups – Measuring cups are great items to use to help a child learn fractions. Approximate time spent 5 minutes.

Piggy Bank – A piggy bank can be used to help your child understand the importance of saving and teaching them how to count money. Approximate time spent 5 minutes (depending on the amount of money).

Books (Novels, Cookbooks or Magazines) – Books are great items to help enhance your child's reading skills. Approximate time spent 15 minutes.

Shoebox – With construction paper, scissors, marks and glue; your child can expand her creative imagination by building a diorama using a shoebox. Help her make a house, desert or a city come to life! Approximate time spent 30 minutes.

Clock – Use a clock to help your child tell time or better yet provide them with a paper plate and crayons and let them create their own clock! Approximate time spent 10 minutes.

Paper cups – Help your child understand science by helping them grow a plant using a little bit of soil, water and a paper cup. Approximate time spent 5 minutes.

These household items not only help increase your child's knowledge and creativity but allow you to make room for a little quality time in your busy schedule.

I would love to hear from you about other household items that you have found useful!

Source by Eno Udoibe

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