Guide on How to Successfully Grow Grapes


No one can deny how drinking a glass of wine can relax them after a hard day at work. Wine is the drink for relaxation, something to indulge in with your feet up as you let the tensions of the day slip away. It is also the drink for romance, for intimate candlelight dinners benefit the starry night. Wine, made from the sweet, flavorful juice from grapes. Each wine has its own distinct flavor and aroma that comes from the conditions of how the grape was grown. Now, does not that idea tickle you? How would you like to make your own distinct wine from your very grapes grown right in your backyard?

Grape growing is an undertaking that anyone can get into. It is not really that hard once you learn all the information you need to know on how to successfully plant and grow grape. The first thing you need to decide on is how big you want your vineyard to be. Ten vines are usually the minimum for making homemade wine, so if this is your first time to plant grapes, ten is a good number to start with.

Then decide on the location to plant your grape vines. Choose a spot in your yard that has good exposure to sunlight and air flow. There should not be trees or other tall structures that could prevent your grape vines from getting these optimal conditions. Make sure the location also has good drainage so your growing grapes do not stand in water.

Now it's time to get your bare-rooted, dormant year-old grape vines. Ask your local nursery about this; they typically grow these vines in their field. When you have your vines, make sure to keep them moist by either soaking them in water or spraying them with water until you're ready to begin planting. It's very important not to let the roots of the vine dry out.

Make sure your soil has already been tested and any mineral or nutrient problem has been corrected before you plant your grape vine. When you're ready to plant the vines, make a whole big enough to contain all the roots of each vine. Make sure the soil is moist enough; if not, you need to water the hole until the water penetrates deeply. Then put the vine in, making sure not to cover its bud. Pat the soil lightly to remove air pockets.

Now that you've planted your grape vine, you need to keep your soil damp but not too wet or your plants can drown. Typically, watering your grape vine at least once a week is enough to keep your soil moist.

How to grow a grape vine really is not difficult. The vineyard needs year-round care and attention although to truly become successful. A grape vine may take two to four years to produce a crop of grapes, so patience and effort is needed on your part. It will be that much sweeter once you're sipping the heady wine made from grapes grown right on your own backyard.

Source by Noah Stanton