10 Easy Steps to a Green Home and a Greener Environment


Everyone is talking about going green but are you actually doing it? Did you know that you do not have to rebuild your house in order to have a green home? If you can afford it, rebuilding is certainly one way to go green, but there are smaller steps you can take to have a healthy, green home that will help to save the environment.

There was a time when we just thread out the trash. You can go green by setting up a simple recycling center in your home. All it takes are some dedicated trash cans and some space in the garage or just outside the back door, or if you have space, in the cabinets under the kitchen counter. Things that can be recycled are cans, plastic bottles, glass jars, cardboard food boxes, and newspapers. You can compost food waste and make a wonderful fertilizer for the garden, and find ways to reuse some of the things that you used to throw away.

Get rid of those old iridescent light bulbs and replace them with energy saving fluorescent. Fluorescent bulbs last longer and offer a more natural light source. During the day, turn off the lights and open some windows for light and fresh air.

Air fresheners
Those aerosol air freshener sprays and allergy inducing smelly things we put in the house are a thing of the past. Go green in the most literal of ways by replacing them with green plants. Certain plants like English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, and Gerbera Daisy will help to clean the air in your home. Open windows and let the fresh air in for a clean smell, and if you enjoy the scents of air fresheners try some natural oils.

Cleaning Products
Stop using toxic chemicals to clean your house. Many people are going green by making their own cleaning products from vinegar and orange oils. Others who do not have as much time can purchase green cleaning products from the store shelves.

Window Coverings
Plastic or vinyl window covers are out. Natural, heat reflecting window coverings are green, as are shades made of natural materials like bamboo, hemp and cellulose.

That old shag, carpet on the floors is full of toxins and catches every bit of dirt and mold in the house. They can actually be unhealthy. Get rid of the carpets and replace them with natural wood flooring and some natural hemp throw rugs.

Good for a green environment, and great for a greener wallet, replace your showerheads with high efficiency, water saver showerheads. Replace your toilets with low-flow toilets. You'll help to save our water supplies while saving on your water bill.

When it's time to replace your appliances, think green by looking for Energy Star energy and water saving appliances that are used in green building today.

Water Heaters
You may not realize it but your old water heater is probably poorly insulated and far away from where you actually use the hot water (basement?). Go green with a new solar water heater that is set up closer to where it will be used to save the energy of heating and transporting your hot water.

Once you have a green home you may not want to leave it, but unfortunately you will have to at some point. When it's time for a new car, go green by purchasing a gas saving hybrid. Other green transportation ideas include public transportation, carpooling, bicycling, and walking.

Source by Gabriella Carrera

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