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Everyone in the world likes to save money. If we can save money while protecting our environment then it will be better by all means. Plumbing is an appropriate area where you can save both for yourself and benefit the environment by paying a bit more up front for water and energy efficient appliances and fixtures. While constructing a new building we have to overlook our bathrooms, where a lot of water gets washed apart from the various aspects like environment, interior decoration, waste disposal, air pollution and much more. By using energy efficient pluming products we can get the advantage of saving energy in our bathrooms as well. Some of the energy efficient plumbing products which will be the great solution in cutting our commercial and domestic utility costs are listed below:

Solar water heaters can be a cost effective way than electric heaters and boilers to generate hot water for your home. They can be made use of in any climate and the water gets heated with the heat and light of sun and there will be no need for electric current which in turn saves electric energy.

Rain water tanks is a kind of water tank which collects the rain water from the roof top via rain gutters. It is the best way to make use of rain water for watering the gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, washing in washing machines and more.

Low flush toilet are another energy saving plumbing product as it uses significantly less water for example it does not flush out more than 1.6 gallons of water when compared to other traditional toilet flushes out at least 3.5 gallons of water. Different technologies are being used in this type of toilet including larger drainage passages, redesigned bowls and tanks etc which in turn saves water.
Electronic faucets are also one among the energy efficient plumbing products as it has the sensor feature with the hand free mechanism for opening and closing the faucet. It is used primarily in public areas and act as a main tool for conserving water and mitigating the spread of germs.

Metering faucets are ideal for the ecologically and economically conscious consumer among them manual faucets will always be cheaper than electronic ones. The push button of the manual faucet prevents water being wasted as it delivers a predetermined amount of water and then shuts off when not in use.

Aerator faucet is yet another energy saving plumbing product which is found at the tip of the water faucet. This brings water splashing by compensating the water pressure into tiny droplets of water which in turn help to avoid waste of water. Installing faucet aerators is an easy and cheap way to decrease the house hold water consumption as they reduce splashing while washing hands and dishes.

As we can see above by using various energy efficient plumbing products the water and energy saving is possible even though the time of usage may increase. Thus by saving water and energy it will help us in our effort to welcome the green revolution which will be the best way to protect and care for the planet.

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