Home Wind Generator How to Build to Save Money on Energy Bill


A great way to cut your household spending is to get yourself a home wind generator. This does not necessarily mean rushing out to purchase a pre-made machine. Home wind generators are a great do it yourself project for one, or for a group. In fact, there are some extra benefits to building it yourself: it's much cheaper than purchasing a prefabricated generator. Building one yourself will cost under $ 150 while purchasing one can cost upwards of $ 3,000. Most of the things you need to make it, including materials, are probably already lying around your backyard. There's really no reason not to!

There are a few things you'll need to get started with your home wind generator. First of all, you've got to be sure you have enough work space. A garage should do the trick, but it must be able to fit an 8-foot diameter turbine. No Christmas decorations should be hanging out and getting in the way! Fairly standard tools are all that's required, although if a jigsaw does not seem standard to you, sometimes you should get some professional help on this project. The last things you'll need are a set of detailed plans, and those can be ordered easily.

The plans will tell you exactly which parts you need and how to create and assemble them. A home wind generator is generally made up of blades, a DC motor, a battery, a tower, a body and a tail. The DC motor is going to be the most difficult thing to get your hands on, as you'll probably have to mail order it, and it's the most expensive thing you'll have to purchase. There's plenty to do while you await the arrival of this key piece, as everything else must be carefully produced before it's attached to the motor.

Quality blades must be fashioned, a tower procured, and the body and tail scrounged for. All of these pieces can be made from recycled materials for little or no cost. The most important pieces are the blades. They can be made from any sturdy material – from PVC pipes to scrap wood – but they must be made correctly and in proper ratio to the engine for maximum power to be generated. Once you have every piece in your possession, you can assemble it all. You'll soon have a 1,000-watt home wind generator for your family to live off of.

The feeling of not needing to rely on anyone else for power is almost as fantastic as the feeling of allowing a little piece of the environment to be freed up for more sustainable endeavors. Having your own home wind generator is one of the most sensible choices to make in the current climate both environmental and economic. Nothing is easier and nothing is smarter as far as your family's power and money go.

But you must be careful, however, that you consult the proper manuals prior to starting. Without the right guide that gives you detailed instructions and planning tips on how to get it right the first time around, there is no guarantee that your wind generator will even turn on at all. Reap the knowledge in the right manual and you'll be sure to enjoy the comfort of lower electric bills quickly and efficiently. Do not do what many folks have done in the past (and I've heard plenty of horror stories) – not consulting the right manual that's been proven to produce long lasting and functioning generators.

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