How to Choose the Right Wall Unit Air Conditioner?


The best time to purchase a new wall unit air conditioner is probably during the winter months. During the summer sales will be high, but as sales drop along with the temperature retailers may introduce great offers to boost their revenue.

There are several key things to consider that will help you determine which is the best product for you.

The Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is measured in 'British Thermal Units' and will be listed as BTU's in the product information.

As a rough guide a unit with a 9,000 BTU rating can ideally cool a room that is 8 feet high and is 350 feet square in size.

The Energy Efficiency Rating

The efficiency of the unit is measured and given an Energy Efficiency Rating. This will probably be listed as EER in the product information.

The more efficient a unit is then the less energy it will use, and the more money it will save you in running costs.

As a rough guide a product which has an EER of 8 will use approximately 20% more energy than a product with a EER of 10.

Easy To Fit?

Before you make a purchase you need to know if the wall unit air conditioner will be easy to fit yourself, or if you'll need to employ someone to fit it.

The individual product information should tell you if it requires a professional to install it.

Extra Bonuses

Finally you can look at extra bonuses that the product might have such as; the ability to control the direction of the air flow, a remote control, low noise fan etc.

Choosing the right wall unit air conditioner is so much easier when you focus on the important issues.

Source by Arthur C Dafoe

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