Save Energy at Home


How to save money and combat climate change in the same time? By saving energy!

Global climate change earthquakes Earth's balance and the way millions of people are living. Human energy consumption is responsible for a large part of greenhouse gaz emissions. Anyone can reduce its power consumption and contribute to energy savings, efficiency and conservation.

Energy efficiency means getting the same job done, having the same comfort while using less energy. Energy efficiency is usually done by doing simple tips such as turning down the thermostat, turning off the light when not used or turning up the temperature of your refrigerator. At job, you could activate "sleep" features on computers, copiers, and other machines that power down when the equipment is on but not in use for a while, and turn off equipment during long periods of non-use to cut energy costs and improve longevity. Screen savers do NOT save energy.
Many other tips on the US Department of Energy's website []. Easy ways to save money, funny animations and plenty of ideas!

You can save energy by replacing an older, less efficient appliance with a new one. The buying guide Saving Energy and Money presents a great choice of saving energy products: lighting, home appliances and electronics, heating and cooling, office equipment and renewable energies. You'll find there Energy Star qualified appliances, which help save environment and consumers money by using less energy through advanced design and construction. With Energy Star, you can save up to 30% or more than 600 $ per year.

Let's save money and energy now!

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