Solar Pool Heating – Zero Energy Consumption Pool Heating


No person wants to have a pool that will cost him a lot of money and hard maintenance to maintain, especially a pool which will only be enjoyed a few times a year due to the water not being pleasant. Many pool heating systems consume a lot of energy. As a result, they end up with cold in the cold season due to electricity being too expensive. The best solution to this problem is by making use of our African sun's natural resources. Having a 6.4kWh / m2 solar radiation level we South Africans have no reason not to invite the whole family for a braai next to the warm pool water, in part helped by the solar pool heating system. Have everyone enjoy the pool through the seasons by installing a solar pool heating system and have a long term investment which will enable you to take pleasure in it through the year.

Solar pool heating systems are becoming extremely popular as a money saving investment, especially with new pool owners. Many different benefits will ensure that you have made the best decision where your pool heating requirements are concerned. Firstly this system will prolong your pool's use without any added costs. No added pumps are required and you will not have to maintain any moving parts. The system is attached directly to your current pool pump, thus eliminating the use of ordinary pool heaters that will consume high energy and require intermittent replacements. By means of the sun's energy, your pool water will be warm all year round and not cost you a single added penny.

Considered the best eco-friendly way of heating water, solar energy will not leave any carbon foot print or any harmful emissions. This technology is extremely efficient and effective, and will have nothing less to offer you but hassle free operation and enjoyable water. Many different solar pool heating systems are available depending on the size of your pool for optimal heating satisfaction.

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