The iComfort WiFi Thermostat Smart Technology


It used to be enough to have a wall thermostat that could be set to a comfortable temperature, triggering heating and cooling systems as necessary, but that model of operation really is not enough anymore when energy consumption has become such a critical factor. The iComfort WiFi thermostat and other innovative devices of the same type go several steps further than their outdated thermostat cousins ​​of old, intelligent monitoring usage of room temperature and adding extra features to manage humidity control.

Advanced Programming Features

Forget the old on and off operation of the traditional thermostat. Modern devices integrate specific features targeted at saving energy and personalizing climate control, possibly the largest energy-guzzler of them all. Household climate control is in dire need of such a versatile system of temperature management. The first big difference on installing the iComfort thermostat is in recognizing the sudden addition of several new but easy to use programming options. A homeowner can now set programming to account for vacation periods, turning off when the home is empty or turning on air conditioning a short time before the family is due home. One touch control allows an additional layer of flexible operation to be seamlessly brought in to play, with a family member overriding conventional programming and entering personalized comfort settings.

WiFi Connected Climate Control

The iComfort brings the best features of mobile technology to the home, adding network connectivity that can be accessed from anywhere. Imagine downloading a mobile app or interfacing with the device directly from a web-enabled browser window on a laptop. With the App loaded and running on an Android or iOS device, it only takes a swipe of a fingertip to interface with the WiFi thermostat, monitoring current temperature or remotely altering environmental settings. That means instant temperature control from work, while stuck in traffic, or even while laying on a distant beach. Additionally, software updates consistently improve old software features and add new features, sometimes smartphone notifications or a tailor chart showing when and where energy usage is at its peak.

Svelte Graphical Interface

Large digital readouts, multiple screens with an intuitive graphical interface, the iComfort WiFi thermostat is a modern convenience designed to save energy with style and simplicity. Secondary menu entries deliver current outside temperature readings across five days, letting occupants compare the weather to the interior temperature and consequentially plan for additional energy output if the temperature is forecast to trend cooler. All the menu entries and graphical elements of the display move in fluid-smooth, colorful animations that reflect the software and hardware engineering present in this fascinating thermostat.

Little extras such as the customizable touch-screen interface, being able to replace the default background image with family photographs or custom artwork, makes the iComfort an attractive purchase simply for aesthetic appeal. But it's the easy adjustment of temperature settings, the comprehensive programming options, and the connectivity features that make the device a recommended purchase for those looking to save energy.

Source by Keith Burke

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