Behind Red LED Lights


Red led lights and other lighting sources like them are becoming super popular. I have seen a dramatic increase in the automotive world of modifying vehicles with the led lights the most.

Are Red LED Lights illegal under my car to drive with on?

I hate to say this, but yes they are most likely illegal. And the main reason being, that they are the same color as the law enforcement and emergency vehicles lights. That is a main law in most states. That the colors of the emergency lights used on vehicles other than emergency vehicles only, are illegal. In my opinion that is just for the best.

But a lot of people forget about the whole idea of ​​having the lights on when your not driving. As in car shows, or when your car is just sitting in the parking lot. Or backyard grilling out of the back of your vehicles. I'm also a believer that no matter what color light along red led lights you run under your vehicle, your going to get dropped over by the law enforcement.

Can I have LED lights inside of my car on while driving?

Again, all states are different and that must be known. You can live and originate in a certain state and be traveling to a different state and your certain vehicle laws are going to change.

But to answer the question in a realm of answers, you can most likely drive with your led lights on as long as the light rays are not visible to other cars form the outside of your vehicle. For example, if I'm driving down the road and see your lead or neurons on the inside of your vehicle than they are most likely illegal. This kind of goes back to the last question of what light colors can be permitted outside of a vehicle.

Wrap Up:

So as long as your not driving down the road pretty much and having the illegal color of lights being permitted from your vehicle you are not going to be bothered by the law enforcement too much. You can not hold me against this because like I said, every state has different laws but that is a rough wrap up of what most of them are going to state.

Source by Chris Weber

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