Creative Displays With Modular Exhibition Stands


Exhibitions and trade shows are proving to be vital tools for business during the current recession, especially when complemented by highly imaginative and arresting modular exhibition stands with bespoke designs and graphics.

We may all live in a global village and can communicate to and from almost anywhere in the world, but there is no substitute for face to face meetings with clients, set amidst cleverly designed stands.

Everyone benefits from getting out of the office at some point and attending a trade show is one of those occasions when taking time away from the desk is 100% legitimate.

Sellers and buyers regard trade shows and exhibitions as events that are not to be missed. Of course, assembling products and services under one roof can, to some extent, intensify the competition, but it also attracts buyers from around the world who more often than not, subliminally absorb the messages displayed.

Content is king, they say, but so is presentation and products and services thrive or fail depending on the presentation. One of the most effective ways of showing off new products or innovative ideas is to employ trade show stands that are custom-designed for a specific show or trade fair.

In recent years, modular exhibition stands have become incredibly popular because they are constructed to be used over and over again. A modular exhibition stand is usually available in a wide choice of materials designed to enhance and promote the product to be displayed. The types of materials used are aluminum, steel, fiberglass, fabrics, Perspex and glass.

Nothing stands still in life and business, least of all a modular exhibition stand. Today, exhibition stands can be styled with amazing graphics and sophisticated LED lights and screens for audiovisual and IT devices.

An interesting point of note is that a modular exhibition stand can have interactive elements to physically engage with visitors in sites where hands-on communication is to be encouraged.

To sum up, modular exhibition stands are built for purpose and can be made to fit perfectly into a pre-measured space. The stands are designed to attract attention in an exhibition hall or hotel foyer, complemented by personalized graphics and state of the art imagery.

Source by Tim Hatton

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