Dodge Ram LED Headlights


The problem with many models of these brands made today mean that they come stock with Halogen Dodge Ram Headlights. From 1981 all the way to 2010 and up, there are a myriad of different lighting options available to you. The early favorites have been for many years a Ram projector headlight setup. Instead of the wavy light pattern that come stock, a projector beam focuses and directs the light exactly where it is needed. As with clipping a hose slightly, you spread the wave, however when focused out as a stream, it is much more powerful and effective. This headlight technology is also the best method of controlling a High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp. With the excessive brightness that these emit, it can be dangerous and ineffective to not focus the beam directly but rather to point it exactly where it needs to be for maximum vision and safety.

A Dodge Ram HID conversion kit coupled with some new Ram headlights can transform your truck into a whole new animal. The light output will increase nighttime visibility to unparallel levels at an incredibly affordable price compared to dealer installed options. Going off road or driving late at night can be very dangerous with old lighting technologies. Step up and invest in your safety with a quality set of Dodge Ram Xenon Headlights to illuminate the road like never before.

The next step up from projector style headlights are Dodge Ram Halo LED (Angel Eye) headlights. These add a beautiful looking LED ring around your headlights and have the award winning and lasting LED technology which ensures they can be seen even in the day. This is the newest technology you see being utilized first by Audi and now Mercedes and BMW, which are now available for your Dodge Ram. The biggest improvement that these newer Ram headlight technologies also add is the much lower power usage by these new lighting parts.

What this means is that technology will now allow your Ram to have much better lighting while also cutting electrical energy use by half. What's more the life of these new Xenon HID and LED bulbs will most times exceed the vehicle that they installed on. Looking at Ram CCFL LED Halo headlights will mean you are researching the highest quality and best performing Ram headlights available anywhere. The CCFL LED technology for your Dodge Ram means LED's that are up to 4x brighter than standard LED's, while also adding a basic lifespan to your Ram headlight. This allows you to have peace of mind when investing in new Ram headlights from . The beauty of all of these headlights also is that there is little to no configurations needed on almost all the different brands that are carried. Having a direct fitting and installing set of Dodge Ram headlights guarantees a long term relationship with your new technology that will always and continuously remind you of the great investment you have made in your safety and those of other drivers.

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