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Letting natural light into your home can be invigorating and energizing. Instead of using commonplace windows, consider installing skylights. By opening up a new avenue through which sunshine can enter your house, you can experience a variety of benefits for both your residence and the health of you and your family.

Increased Illumination

Natural illumination has a variety of benefits. While you can always illuminate rooms with electric fixtures, this option is not as effective or desirable as using natural sources. Incandescent bulbs produce an unnatural glow, but sunbeams provide a white, bright illumination that efficiently lights up a room. Skylights can deliver sunshine into a room for maximum illumination.

Energy Efficiency

Installing skylights can be an effective way of increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Immediately after installation, you can cut back on the length of time for which you will need to use artificial sources of illumination. Not only will you reduce your electric bills, you'll also reduce the amount of energy required to run your house, which in turn reduces your energy consumption, as well as emissions that can harm the environment. In some cases, this home improvement project could even result in tax advantages or tax credits, thanks to the incentives attached to many products.

Enhanced Ventilation

Many skylights have ventilation options built into their design. With these systems, you can open the window to let in fresh air. The air entering the building will push warm air upwards and out of your home during the summer, creating a natural air conditioning. In this process, known as the "chimney" effect, opening the window immediately draws warm air up through the house and pushes it out through the roof. The result is a cooler home that does not require you to run your air conditioner as often.

Privacy Considerations

Windows are not optimal in some rooms due to privacy concerns. With the placement of homes becoming ever closer, you may not want to have standard windows that could detract from your privacy. This can be especially problematic in bathrooms, for example. However, by adding a unit in the ceiling instead of the wall, your interior spaces can be flooded with all of the natural illumination you desire, at no cost to your privacy.

Outdoor Connection

Bringing sunshine into your home can help you feel more connected to the outdoors. Imagine sitting inside and watching clouds float by to pass a summer's afternoon. You can even benefit from extra exposure to Vitamin D from the sunshine that will flood your home.

Skylights are even an option in interior rooms that do not have a roof immediately above them. In this case, you can install a special tunnel design that can still convey natural sunlight into the room. You can also benefit from the same energy efficiency and conservation advantages with this type of product. Explore the many different options in size, design, and style to find a unit that fits your home, your budget, and your tastes.

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