LED Exit Signs – Explore Its Benefits Over Other Exit Signs


When it comes to evacuation of a building during an emergency, exit signs play a crucial role. Previously these signs were made out of metals and were offered lighting with the help of fluorescent lamps.

Nowadays, LED signs are gaining popularity among people and LED Exit signs possess a string of small green or red light-emitting diodes that are arranged in circles either above or below the sign boards. Since they are non-polluting, cost-effective and efficient, they are highly suitable for offices and homes. These signals are being offered in green and red colors and they are generally made out of low-powered LEDs and most of them are compatible with 270 or even 120 volt power. Even other variations are being sold by dealers and some even work on both voltages and most of them are offered with battery back-up facility. This is highly essential since it is something that is going to guide the people in the case of emergency situation to get out of the building where there are great opportunities of power failure. Even people can combine emergency lights with signs to glow immediately in the event of power failure. Now, let us get into the benefits of LED models are compared to other exit signs:

LED models have proven to be more effective and efficient as compared to any other models of exit signs. If CFL signs are used, they are made out of narrow tube-like illuminants that contain gases and whenever electric current passes through these gases, there will be a chemical reaction thereby producing the light. In this model, 80% of the energy is lost as heat. On the other hand, LED models produce less heat since it gets illuminated due to movement of electrons via the semi-conducting material. Even though, less heat is produced, this heat is also transferred back to the heat sink. Therefore, they do not heat up like CFL models.

LED exit signs emit light only in particular direction, which is not the case of other models that emit heat in all directions. Therefore, energy is more efficiently used in LED models and their light output is also constant, which in turn will be shown up in the reduced electricity bill after switching to LED models from a previously used model. The annual cost of LED models will be around $ 4, while in the case of other models like CFL, it might reach around $ 11 per year. Above all, the maintenance cost required is also lesser and they can also last longer as compared to other models.

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