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Light year Alliance is one of the largest digital phone and broadband internet providers that was founded by John S. Henderson in 2003. The company boasts of 80,000 sq. ft World Headquarters and about 100,000 customers. It is the direct sales section of Light year Network Solutions that serves as its parent company. The customers are mainly residential users, small offices and home office users.

The company is led by an expert team of individuals who have a great deal of experience in the phone and Internet industry. It also consists of a representative who is making efforts to help Spanish speaking people benefit from the company's services and products. It has also found a place in magazines such as USA Today, the Economist and Red Herring, as per the Light year Alliance news room division. Not only this, the company is involved with the USA Harvest, an NGO that is committed to serve the hungry in the US.

Light year Alliance provides digital broadband phone services and broadband Internet to its customers. The company has various local and long distance calling packages and other options like three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding within the usual services. There is an option of unlimited calling to the United States and Canada. However, only the cost of the digital phone service is indicated on their website. Any other information can be obtained by contacting the company only.

All these products are sold through the independent sales representatives of Light year Alliance. These representatives are paid every week. The company has a program called 'My Wireless Rep' which they can use for making business. There is an Online Wireless Store that helps customers to join for the wireless phone service from the whole of US One more novel thing is the Extraordinaire Magazine $ 2,000 Guarantee. The website claims that if you follow their 4-step process for 6 months, you will earn at least $ 2000, or the company will pay you the difference.

The whole idea is that the greater number of people that a representative has working under him, the greater will be his earnings as commission and bonuses. It is nothing but a pyramid scheme sales opportunity. The Online store has Flash videos that a probable representative can view for details. However, Light year Alliance website doesnt mention anything about the training given to them and the start up costs. It is advisable that you clarify all your doubts with an existing customer or representative and then think of joining.

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