Modern Home Lighting


In the past our ancestor had to rely on sunlight and lamps to illuminate their homes but nowdays, our modern life style could not possibly be understood without a proper lighting system.

The old classical and simple light bulb just does not do the trick anymore and now we have various options when choosing how to set up our lights in our home. A room that is proper illuminated not only allows us to see what we're doing but it can also affect how good we are at what we're doing by affecting our everyday mood. Now, new lighting systems that live longer and consume less can help us save energy and money on our electric bill.

When you're setting up the lights for your home you basically have two types of lights:

The outdoor lights and the indoor lights provided you live in a house as opposed to a flat where you would not probably have to worry about the outdoor lights. The outdoor lights are not just so you can find your keys easily and give your porch a nice look, but they can also provide some protection.

An exterior security light is usually equipped with motion sensors that turn on when someone approaches your house. This is a great system for alerting you or your guard dog that someone is trying to sneak in. They can also be a good repellent for robbers who might feel like abandoning the plan when realizing they've been spotted.

Robbers are most attracted to homes where the risk of getting caught is minimal, that is why they usually go for vacant homes. Your house can be at risk of getting robbed while you are relaxing with your family in your vacation. Having outdoor security lights with motion sensors you can avoid this by giving the impression that someone is always at home.

When choosing your interior lights you must think about functionality, looks but also your own preferences and habits. For example, the kitchen and bathroom lights should be white clean lights strong enough to allow you to do your daily tasks without having to squint your eyes. You cook in the kitchen, you eat, you drink your morning coffee and read your newspaper. You wash yourself in the bathroom, do your hair, shave, brush your teeth, apply makeup. Needles to say you'll need to have these rooms properly illuminated, after all, remember, these are the rooms in your house where you use sharp objects such as knives.

On the other side, do not forget about your personal needs. If you love taking a long bubble bath with scented candles, a bright hospital light might spoil your moment. Also if you're in the habit of serving the meal in the kitchen you will not enjoy it very much unless you're eating with your sunglasses on.

A dimmable switch is perfect for solving this problem. You can have dimmable switches in every room so you can always be prepared for special moments. If you love reading make sure you have a night light next to your bed so you will not need to get up to turn on the switch when you decide feel sleepy.

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