How Is It Possible That Companies Give Away Free Solar Panels?


In the UK free solar panels are being offered to many homes. Most people believe that there must be a catch or that it is a scam. The good news is that a free installation of these high tech panels is a great idea, there just is not a catch. If your home qualifies for free panels to be fitted, you will get to use all the electricity you like that they generate.

The way it works is that a company will fit the panels completely free of charge, they make their money back over a 25 year period by selling unused electricity back to the national grid. There are no fees or maintenance costs. The provider takes care of everything. They technically own the panels for 25 years, this means that you will not need to worry about any maintenance costs. After the 25 years the solar sheets will belong to you and you will then get the money generated by unused electricity.

The panels are connected to the national grid so excess electricity simply gets fed back into the system. Of course if you can afford to buy them yourself, you will get this extra money from the moment they are installed. However the average cost of an installation for UK homes is nineteen thousand pounds, so most people would prefer to go for the free option.

On average solar panels save UK homes around four hundred pounds a year in utility bills. This makes getting free solar panels a great idea. If you want to check if your home qualifies visit Solar Panels Cost and fill in your details. You will then be connected with up to 3 companies that provide installations in your area. You can then arrange a visit from a representative who will explain exactly how much money you can expect to save on your electricity bills. They will also show you where the panels will be fitted and how large an area they will cover.

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